Monday, May 18, 2009

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Decluttering

I haven't posted since Thursday, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been finishing up with the spring cleaning assignments and decluttering.

Friday night we worked on the master bedroom a little more because we went Saturday and picked up the rest of the furniture. We got back late Saturday afternoon and got the bed put together and all of the area around the bed (nightstand, underneath, baseboards, etc.) cleaned and organized. My goal is not put nothing under this new bed so that there won't be an accumulation of junk and dust bunnies under there.

Sunday after church, I had to go through the lateral filing cabinet that held our tv and all the peripherals for it. We bought a media chest with this bedroom suite which meant that the filing cabinet had to go elsewhere. I spent several hours pouring through old files and throwing out nearly 1/2 of the "junk" that was in there. There are still a few files that need to be gone through, but these were medical files that would take more time to decide if enough time had passed to allow it to be dumped. I didn't think I had enough mental alertness on Sunday to tackle those.

The new bedroom furniture is set up now and the room has been thoroughly cleaned. Now, we have to start moving the clothes and other items from the old dressers to these. I'm sure there will be even more decluttering to be done. I want to take pictures, but I am waiting until we get the decorative items back on the wall and dressers.

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