Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching Up - Decluttering Per Se Put On Hold

I had to put the decluttering on hold for a few days because of the new furniture. I'll get a picture posted in the next day or so.

On Friday evening, we were really busy with Mother's Day for our moms. We had them over on Friday because we were planning to go to the beach on Sunday (which got interrupted). We also had to get our trailer ready for picking up the furniture on Saturday.

We were gone all day Saturday to get the new bedroom furniture that we ordered. The mattresses had not come in, but the rest of it had so we decided to make the trip and do a little shopping while in town. We got back home, got the furniture unloaded and then went straight to church for a kids program that our little one just loves. We didn't arrive back home until after bed time (for all of us).

Sunday was extremely busy. Even though it was Mother's Day, we had to get all the furniture unboxed and check for any damages/problems. We have three days to report any kinds of problems and there were some. The dresser appears to have been dropped or smashed in some way. One corner of the dresser top is crushed. Also, one of the bed rails is cracked.

We moved the queen furniture set (after church) from our room to the spare room. I didn't know so many dust bunnies could live in one place. I didn't take pictures, but it was unreal how many of those things were under those dressers. They don't sit directly on the floor but there is only enough room under the dresser to hide dust not actually get anything under there to clean them out. So it took quite a while to move the furniture because we cleaned and decluttered as we went.

When we get home today, we will continue to put the new furniture together and look for any more problems. The furniture store that we use stands behind their furniture really well and very seldom have we had any problems. Mostly I think someone somewhere just wasn't very careful with these pieces. We have to go back for the mattresses anyway so at least it won't be a wasted trip to return the damaged pieces.

Until later today!

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