Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Declutter Day 27

At Simple Mom, our Spring Cleaning feat for today is the children's room. I thought I'd be able to get this done with a little help from Boo and possibly take 10-15 minutes. Little did I know. It's a sure sign when you child closes the closet door that something is definitely amiss.

Here are the before shots. Beware! Enter at your own risk!! (They are really messy.) My little one was not very happy about taking pictures of his messy room.

Now for the after:

I am going to show him these pictures as a reminder of what his room is supposed to look like. We have been trying to pick up the toys and stuff every evening, but I didn't realize that he was just piling it around rather than putting it away. So Mom's got to do a better job of checking behind him.
As a side note Boo wants to let the House Fairy know that he plans to keep it looking this great, and that he really does deserve a prize even though it was really bad at the beginning.

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  1. The bedroom looks great!! I know what you mean about the kids piling stuff up! They are good at that!!! We as Mom's do need to go behind them!