Monday, April 20, 2009

Declutter Day 8

Today was a major declutter day. I received a call from the representative that we have been working with in order to host an exchange student next school year. She will be coming by tomorrow for a home visit.

I had to declutter the spare bedroom (AKA the junk room, the boxes of stuff that we never put away after moving room, the excess baby stuff room, the scrapbook room, etc.). This was a job. Just going through things in there took so much time.

Here's a breakdown of some of what had to be done:
* closet cleaned out and straightened up
* bed linens put on shelf (they had been folded and put in the room but not put up)
* baby stuff sent to charity store
* books and movies (had previously been gone through and just being stored there) sent to
charity store
* camper stuff taken out to camper (bowls, toilet cleaner, dish cloths, tire covers, exterior rug) -
we had purchased some items that never made it to the RV
* air mattress disposal (won't hold air any longer)
* puzzles, scrapbook items, school papers put away
* vacuum (our cat had shredded a newspaper page in there)
* pictures put away
* old picture frames gone through and sent to charity store
* school supplies put away

We made it through this room and had to do some cleaning in several others, but we are now ready for our home visit. We are very much looking forward to hosting a student. What better incentive to get this room under control?

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