Saturday, April 18, 2009

Declutter Day 7

I didn't get any decluttering done on Friday so I'm going with Day 7 today.

Our screened in porch is a catch-all. We use it for outside games and toys, recycling bins, an outside eating area, wood storage for fireplace and lots of junk that just gets accumulated there. I wish I had taken a BEFORE picture. We worked on this area for about 1 1/2 hours this evening. This is as far as we have gotten.

If you have any ideas about how this area might work better for us, please leave a comment. The area is narrow and the outside dining table that I have is round with 4 chairs. We have a large tote that houses most of the outside toys and games except for the t-ball equipment. There are three recycle bins that are stackable as well as the curbside container. I also have a metal table that belonged to my grandmother in the back corner that is currently not being used for anything at all. It mostly just makes a place for more stuff to accumulate. The wind from southernly storms causes the porch to get wet so I need to place some things all the way against the wall. We have moved the wood to our wood rack outside so there isn't a place needed for that at this time of year. Please, please, please give me your ideas. I do intend to use some decorative items in this space once I get things where I want them.

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