Saturday, April 25, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

We got the house straightened up this week for our home visit from the agency that will be helping us host an exchange student next year. Talk about decluttering and in a hurry, but we did it and all is still is wonderful order.

Boo has continued to keep up his room and to put away things as he gets them out. He even had a visit from the House Fairy and was left a nice search and find book with Wall-E. Not only is the House Fairy extremely proud of him, but Mama and Daddy are, too.

We got the baby chicks pen finished and will be moving them today. We have to go to the local hardware store for some pine straw for their bed. I promise to follow up with a picture shortly.

I want to declutter my closet this week coming up (starting today) as well as go through our winter clothes.

Another decluttering project this week will be the dressers in our master bedroom. I have got to find some space for linens since our exchange student will be using the closet in the spare bedroom where these are currently located.

I was able to use the drying racks quite a bit last week for the laundry. I think I only had to actually dry one load. Since last week was Earth Day, we tried really hard to do lots of things that were more earth friendly. We want to keep that habit going until it actually becomes a habit.

And finally, this week I want to go through our home and get rid of dust catchers, clutter mongers and any thing that is just there because we are blind to it. I only want to surround us with things we truly love and admire. Everything else is just stuff (that requires more upkeep and cleaning). I'd rather be spending time with my family and not running myself ragged trying to clean STUFF!

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