Saturday, June 13, 2009

Declutter Days 32, 33 and 34

This week we have been camping out at our old place because my son loves to go to Vacation Bible School at his grandmother's church. We are also planning a vacation for July. So I combined these two activities and have been decluttering the camper. I worked on it for three days (just in the afternoons). Here is the progress that I was able to make:

Day 32 (Tuesday, June 9):
  • went through all the bed linens and organized by size
  • pulled out all beach towels to be laundered
  • removed heavy blankets (we won't be needing those at the beach in July)
  • removed trash from under the main bedroom bed (these were items that had been used and we were saving the packaging for some reason??)

Day 33 (Wednesday, June 10):

  • trashed old food and drink items from storage areas in the eating area (closed in benches provide storage) - these were out of date for too long
  • organized bathroom storage cabinet (this is a small area and has to be kept neat and tidy or nothing fits - which is where it had gotten)
  • decluttered toys from top bunk bed and under the bottom bunk bed
  • organized toys that would be staying in the camper into bins
  • replaced folding chairs (we had these in the car for t-ball games) and folding table under bottom bunk bed

Day 34 (Friday, June 12):

  • decluttered kitchen cabinets
  • trashed more old items that were out of date
  • started a list of items that will be needed for trip in July

I didn't take any pictures because most of these areas are small and you wouldn't have been able to tell much about them. I did find a picture of the camper that we had taken earlier so I put it in.

I still have several areas to go through, but at least this has been started and won't require so much time right before we go on vacation.

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