Thursday, June 18, 2009

Declutter Day 37

Today I have worked on Boo's clothes drawers. He had quite a few things that he had outgrown or that were really worn. We are also thinking about vacation and what will need to go with us then. We've gotten the shorts and shirts gone through and the drawers look much more organized. (He was having trouble putting away his clothes, because there just wasn't any space.)

When I was going through my Google Reader this afternoon, I ran across a post at Small Notebook with a wonderful idea for packing kids clothes for camp or vacation. I love this idea for the camper since we have such limited space. I'll post my pictures a little later today.

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  1. That's kids get to the point where they can hardly get in and out of their clothes drawers too! Usually then...and only they get busy re-organizing. :) I've really GOT to get better organized. :)