Thursday, June 4, 2009

5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday

I have been so busy this week with the end of school that I almost forget about my new meme. Join me today for 5 Things I Can Live Without.
  1. All the packing materials that seem to come with just about everything (especially toys). I hate having to throw out so much stuff just because I bought something. I have really started looking at how much packaging and excess materials something has before I buy it.
  2. Sand - we have had a good bit of rain the last few days (which I'm not complaining about). My complaint is all the sand that damp feet bring in that has to be gotten rid of on my laminate floors. Some days I feel like all I do is vacuum.
  3. Ants!! They came in when it was dry and now they are coming in when it is raining. We haven't left any food items out, but they are still everywhere. I even have those tiny, sugar ants in the bathroom. What could they possibly find in there with sugar? The toothpaste?
  4. Using my dryer everyday. I have found that I can do this by using the drying racks and clotheslines. Even on rainy days, I can dry clothes inside and not have to use the dryer. Yippee!! This will be good when that electric bill for all the extra air conditioning comes in.
  5. Dusting! I know, I know! You really can't live without this, but it was a nice thought. You know to never have to dust again - heavenly!!

Now link up and join in. Share your 5. (Hopefully, Mr. Linky is happy today!)

1 comment:

  1. The five things I came up with today included a flat football, a broken plastic container, a book I have never read and never will, a jumper I havent worn in 4 years and an umbrella that doesnt go up very well.
    Feeling better already.