Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday

It's Thursday again! One day closer to the weekend!! Of course it is also time for 5 Things I Can Live Without. Since I have been decluttering several areas this week, my list is going to be longer than 5.
  1. Cell phone chargers for phones that we no longer own - how do these things not get removed from our home when the old phones go?
  2. Diaper bag - found one of these in the back closet - my baby is 5 years old
  3. Crochet needles - found several in the back closet - I haven't crocheted in so long that I don't even remember how
  4. Car seat accessories - these were found in the back closet as well - why are they not with the car seat?
  5. Dried up glue and glue sticks - found these in the drawers
  6. Owner's manuals for appliances that we no longer own
  7. Disorganized closets and drawers - it is so much nicer to have areas where can locate your stuff
  8. Out of date fruit juice - found in the camper - I don't think I want to give my child something that expired in 2007
  9. Christmas To-Do pads - found in one of the drawers - I let Boo have these to color on - I didn't use them at Christmas and probably won't use them in July either - why do I waste good money on this crap?
  10. Wooden paper plate holder - this was just taking up space on my counter - since I'm not using paper plates much any more it has been holding several of my trivets - the problem is that it can't hold them all - so I have trivets in several places - I have gotten rid of the holder and put all the trivets together

So what can you live without? Take a look at what you have decluttered this week and share with us. Post your link or just leave a comment. Happy decluttering!

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  1. I just discovered your blog today, and I will be back this coming Thursday to participate!