Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday

Today is Thursday once more which means it is time for 5 Things I Can Live Without. This week I have gotten rid of several items that I can definitely live without. Those list of items include:
  1. sofa pillows - we got rid of these several days ago and it is great - no more moving pillows to sit down and no more picking up pillows that have been strewn all over the floor
  2. dining chair cushions - since getting rid of the sofa pillows has been so liberating, I'm going to send out those dining chair cushions as well
  3. flip flops that hurt my feet - doesn't everyone have a pair of these - you know the ones - they were so cute but you can't wear them more than 2 minutes
  4. old purses - I hold onto these for way too long - if it is torn or something is broken, just let it go
  5. heavy curtains - I have removed the roman shade type curtains that I had in my bedroom from the windows - I left the valance - it is so much "cooler" looking
  6. I know there are only supposed to be 5, but I can really live without this 100 degree heat that we are having in Florida. Anything that helps us feel cool is wonderful right now.

Join in and tell us what you can live without. I'm trying Mr. Linky again, but if it doesn't work or if you don't have a blog, leave a comment either directing us to your post or sharing your 5.

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