Monday, June 15, 2009

Declutter Day 35

Today has been a fairly good day for decluttering. I have several meetings this week (inservice training for teachers), so I have someone coming to my home to sit with my little one. I've decided instead of dusting so many things that it is time to get rid of some of those items. Here is what I've decluttered today:
  • small basket that I really didn't like
  • baby photo albums with no pictures (I got several of these and never used most of them - sending out to someone else to enjoy)
  • books that we no longer read or enjoy
  • decorative pillows that seem to be thrown on the floor all the time - we tend to just move them out of our way to sit down - who ever thought a couch needs 4 pillows? - where do you sit??
  • sugar container that doesn't match our kitchen
  • clothes that no longer fit (I didn't have to dust around these but I'm sending them out anyway)
  • kids table and chairs set - we bought our 5 year old a real desk a few weeks ago and he loves it - he'll be starting kindergarten this fall and needed a "big boy" desk

So I think I'm getting back on track. These items will be taken to our local church thrift store tomorrow and be out of here.

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