Friday, July 31, 2009

Declutter Day 41

Today I have decluttered literally a ton, but not at home. Today was the day to clean up the old computer lab along with its cabinets, drawers and storage towers. We (my little one, six students helpers and two teachers) worked nearly 5 hours to go through the whole area and toss items that were old, broken, obsolete or just plain unusable. I wish I had taken pictures, because the students would feel so good about all the help they gave.
Here's some of the things that made up that "ton" - we didn't weigh it but it had to be close to that:
  • old software with its documentation and users manuals
  • dictation equipment and curriculum materials
  • calculators
  • textbooks
  • printers and printer parts
  • keyboards (with some kind of connection that I have never even seen)
  • broken mice
  • decorative posters and other items
  • old assessments and worksheets
  • broken furniture

We did recycle everything that we could and all of the technical equipment is sent to one area in our county where it is auctioned off. The furniture that is still usable was put in an area at our school where others have an opportunity to use it.

It was a very successful day. The lab is looking more like a lab and less like a trash dump, but I am really tired. Now to get everything set up next week.

I've still got to finish our exchange student's room. She'll be here in a couple of weeks. The room is shaping up and starting to look more like a bedroom instead of a storage area. I've still got to do the closet, but I've got to get my closet straightened up first. Maybe tomorrow!

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