Thursday, July 9, 2009

5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday

I relaxed so well on Monday that I am having trouble getting back into the decluttering mindset this week. On Tuesday morning, my little one said that Monday was a wonderful day and there was no way that Tuesday could be any good. As far as decluttering for me, it wasn't.

Then on Wednesday he had some dental work done that he had to be sedated for so we had to watch him very closely all afternoon and evening. I thought that when we had our dog treated for heartworms years ago and had to keep her quiet and calm for about a week that was an impossible goal. No way! Try keeping a rambunctious 5 year old quiet and calm for an evening. Talk about impossible!!

Well, to get on with the work for today, here's my 5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday:
  1. my husband's cluttered and out of control outside shed - I think I may tackle that thing next week - we've been putting up vegetables and I can't even get in there to put the veggies in the freezer - ARGH!!
  2. freezer burned meat - we bought 1/2 of a cow last year and I didn't realize that we had nearly 30 packages of hamburger that had not been used - it's all freezer burned and awful now - I'm kicking myself for that - just think of all the money that was thrown away - ARGH!!
  3. toddler bed - we're getting rid of it - our neighbor is having a little one and wants it so it's going
  4. stuffed animals - I have secretly gotten rid of several of these this week - there were quite a few of these "stuffed" in the camper - they got removed and gone through without notice - do you find it hard to remove some of those toys unless your sneaky about it??
  5. magazines - I am vowing to stop subscribing to ANY magazines for a while - I don't ever seem to have time to sit down and read them before the next one comes in - sometimes I have 2 or 3 of them before I take time to look at them - they obviously aren't on my priority list so why am I wasting the money??

Well, there's the 5 for this week. Want you join in and share? You can use the comments section or the linky.


  1. I just retired & can't afford a cleaning person every week anymore, but am vowing to retain my great employee every other week. So today when she got here I had a box of food goodies ready; she's one of 18 kids & has many folks who stay with her temporarily. I worked on a section of my pantry this week & came up with lots of tea flavors I haven't used more than once or fancy teas that were given us as gifts - she likes them. Even my never-opened food for Passover (why did I think I'd use them??) she liked, as she'll use the matzo meal for breading fish, etc. The 2 half-filled bags of marshmallows from Thanksgiving yams she will use in hot cocoa for grandkids. I gave her a piece of luggage that is 1/2 backpack & 1/2 carry-on that twisted my arms when I tried to wheel it someplace - she says lots of her relatives are on the move & need luggage. I pay her decently (deduct Social Security, etc.) but am happy when my clutter can be useful at her house.

  2. Doesn't it feel great to not only get rid of clutter but to use what you have to bless others?

  3. Im so with you on the magazines. I have too many and it seems like such a good idea at the time and it never is